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Better Bookkeeping
for Small Business Owners


After graduating with his Masters in Business Administration, Bill Shepard kept hearing the same complaints from fellow small-business owners about their bookkeepers:

1. I can never get in touch with my bookkeeper and they don't respond when I call or text.

2. My bookkeeper doesn't pay our bills on time and I'm tired of the complaints and late fees.

3. My bookkeeper can't explain my financial statements to me or tell me how my business is doing.

Sound familiar?

Bill knew there had to be a better way to do bookkeeping, so he created Bill Shepard Consulting. BSC provides better bookkeeping for Los Angeles' small business owners by providing responsive, personalized, and affordable accounting and advice. 



Are your invoices being sent to the right clients, for the right amount, and on-time? Do you feel constantly behind with bill payments and waste money on late-fees? Bill Shepard Consulting reviews your financial processes and helps you implement more efficient accounting procedures.


Invoicing, payables, payroll,  reconciliation, financial statements... We do it all and more! And because each business is unique, so is our process. That is why we create a personalized bookkeeping plan for your business. Stop trying to shoehorn your business into a bookkeeper's process and create a process that works best for you.


Understanding your business means more than looking at the bottom line. Let our expert financial analysis help you define and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that really tell the story of your business. Get on-site explanations of financial statements and the metrics that will help you make smart, informed decisions.


Organized, professional and easy to work with.  Now my favorite part of "bookkeeping" is calling Bill.

- Will A.

Bill is very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Would definitely recommend him.

- Chris G.

Bill has been an absolute godsend to work with!


- Joel L.


Contact us to see how our team of business experts and personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration.

(424) 259-1193

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